Commercial Loan Calculator

Commercial Loan Calculator


Thinking about applying for a commercial or business loan?  Use the information here to help determine whether your business is ready to borrow money from a bank or other lender.

Commercial Loan Payment Calculator
Use this calculator to perform calculations for payments based upon an amortization schedule to see if you can qualify for a new business loan. 

Interest Only Commercial Loan Calculator
If you have an Interest Only Commercial Loan Payment, use this calculator for calculating your monthly payments without paying principal.  Estimate monthly payments required to carry the interest on a business line of credit.

Commercial Loan Types
Get a quick primer on the types of business loans available from traditional lenders.

5 C's of Credit - Criteria for Business Loans
What are the critical criteria that lenders use to underwrite loans?  See if you have the five criteria covered to qualify for a commercial loan.

Commercial Loan Guidelines
What are the guidelines for commercial loans?  Here are common underwriting guidelines including loan to value (LTV) ratios.

Commercial Loan Covenants
Find out what some of the common loan covenants for commercial lending in today's lending environment including personal guaranties, liquidity requirements and common provisions.



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